Where to Buy

You can buy our CDs from this website; we accept Credit Cards. If you are not happy using a Credit Card, please give us a call +44 (0)208 699 4872.

Our CDs are available from a variety of other sources:

In the UK

JASMINE CDs are nationally distributed throughout Great Britain by a company called Proper Music Distribution, which means in theory that they should be available through any record shop in your area.

Unfortunately, with the decline of the smaller, local record dealers, not many shops will actually stock JASMINE CDs other than those with a reputation for stocking a broader range of CDs beyond the "big hit" stuff. However, most record shops including the big chains like HMV will still be able to order JASMINE CDs for you from our distributor.

If you are still having difficulty in obtaining JASMINE CDs, you can obtain them direct from JASMINE via its JAZMAIL mail-order arm.

JAZMAIL will supply any CD at the price code shown on the individual CD web page - see the JASMINE Prices page for code details. Credit Card orders can be taken by telephone.

Buying Abroad

JASMINE CDs are widely distributed around the world, although like Great Britain this does not mean they will be stocked by every record shop. A good record dealer should be able to order JASMINE CDs for you. As mentioned above, you can order directly from JASMINE's mail-order arm.